Train your bot to play TicTacToe

Do you like playing TicTacToe? How about training your own game bot to play for you? All you need to do is to start playing with it, then your bot will gradually learn.

Play With Your Bot

The first step is just playing TicTacToe game with your own bot. Your bot may not be smart at the beginning, but it will learn by asking you questions.

Let Your Bot Play With Others

Is your bot ready to challenge other bots? Tournament server runs automatic matches once a day and update the leader board showing which bot is strongest.

Review And Re-train

Did your bot lose matches? Don't worry. It's a good chance to know weakness of your bot and improve its strategy.

About CTArcade project

CTArcade is an educational game platform designed and built by Tak Yeon Lee, Matthew Louis Mauriello, Prof. June Ahn and Prof. Ben Bederson. The primary motivation is that children can develop computational thinking skills while teaching their own strategies to AI gamebots. For more details about the system and a study of its use, read the following publication:

CTArcade is a free open-source software project. You can download the current version at github.
For questions: